You dispute judgments this way:

You must first determine if you have an actual filed, entered and recorded judgment.

Just because there is an entry on your credit report of a judgment does NOT necessarily mean that you actually have a recorded judgment. Sometimes, the CRA's will report the CASE-FILE where you were sued, together with the statement that a default judgment was issued, when in fact the case was never completed, and there is NO "real" judgment on record.

Your first step is to either go on line or go to the Court and obtain a copy of the RECORDED JUDGMENT. This is NOT the same as getting a copy of the case-file. Most Counties will have it available on line under RECORDED DOCUMENTS.

If you have a RECORDED judgment, get a CERTIFIED copy from the Court. Examine it very carefully for ANY discrepancy between what is on your reports and what has been recorded.

If you find a discrepancy,( DO NOT SEND A COPY OF THE JUDGMENT WITH THE LETTER) or if you find that you have NO actual recorded judgment, you can send the following dispute letter to the CRA's.

Dear CRA,

My name is xxxxx xxxxxx , my SS # is xxx xx xxxx.

I am sending this dispute PRIORITY MAIL WITH PROOF OF DELIVERY mail # xxxx to make sure you receive it.

My report # is xxxxx.

Attached is a copy of my credit report with the disputed account circled in red

There is no such judgment of record # xxxx from this Court for this date for this amount from this creditor.

I have certified documentation from the Court that supports my dispute of this erroneous entry on my report.

If this entry is verified, please send me the name and address of the provider or furnisher providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional legal remedies.

Please note that your Credit Reporting Agency is now subject to Federal consumer financial laws, including, among others, the FCRA and Title X of the Dodd-Frank Act, and related regulations including a ban on “Abusive” Acts or Practices. ( Section 1031 of the Dodd-Frank Act )

Very truly yours,


Make sure you HAND ADDRESS the envelope, use personalized stationery and purple or teal font, ( preferably italic).

You can use this dispute form instead of handwriting your dispute Dispute Form DO NOT send it RR